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Feeder Vessel Operations in Asia Pacific
Chater of Container Vessel
Port Handing Agent For Vessel
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We are a Group of compnies since 1948 and completed 75 years in Shipping Bussiness We active in Shipping Logisitic Airfreight Sea Freight as well Feeder operation with act as Main Carrier in Asia pacific always we expand our Bussiness in Shipping in More countries to provide service to Exporter and Importer it does not Matter whare u are from which country we are able to provide Intrest per months in any World wide Bank and country can withdraw your investment at any time too with very short time Please see our all group of compnies profile Back ground click on below down load button as now currently we are active in 14 countries with own office set in 7 countries Namely Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Sri Lanla China and all Over Indian Ports and all Major icd in India & UAE Dubai with head office in India at Mumbai the Big city of Mumbai Please we are now leading and very Active in Shipping as to do Shipping Bussiness always we need a funds and we Invites your funds /Investment in our compnay and instead of this investor get fixed return of 8.5 % Intrest per Annum which is high and no provide this Handsome Intrest per months